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Printing Alcohol Ink Art

The popularity of alcohol ink art is increasing for not only decorative purposes but also for printing on fabrics and products. If you have any design ideas for which you need alcohol ink art, feel free to contact me. I can create customized alcohol ink art for printing. I can provide digital files (for scannable art) or send you the original painting that could be professionally photographed and then converted into printable files or patterns. 

Alcohol Ink Art - Paper or Canvas Prints

Since alcohol ink art is fluid in nature, sometimes it is hard to recreate the charm of the original painting and so printing is a great way to enjoy the same painting. With printing, we can easily convert small paintings into larger sizes also. We can also create color manipulations of the art for printing. Here are some examples of printed art:

Alcohol Ink Art Printed On Fabrics or Products

I have worked with textile/fabric designers and product designers and helped them bring their concepts to life by providing customized artworks in the ratio that is optimal for their printing needs or for creating repeat patterns. Here are some examples of my art that got printed on commercial products or fabrics:

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