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About The Artist

Hello, I am Anuja Aggarwal. Welcome to my website.

My studio, called "Piece Of My Art" is located in Jaipur, India. 

To me, art is all about enjoying the process of creation. There is nothing wrong or right when it comes to putting color on a surface. Do what feels right to you and comes naturally.

I like free-flowing and abstract art forms. My art is all about enjoying the process. I don’t worry about the results before I start working on any piece. When I am immersed in practice, I find that the colors take control and guide me in any direction and I just follow my instincts. I try and amalgamate the fluidity with some form and start to see things/emotions/memories in my paintings. And that is why each artwork I create is a piece of my heart.

Alcohol inks and watercolors are my favorite mediums, but I also work with acrylic colors, textures, and mixed mediums. My biggest inspiration is “nature”. It always delights, inspires, and puts me in awe. Whether I am looking for color or composition ideas, I just look outside my window, go for a walk, or search for beautiful nature pics online or from my travels, and soon find myself inspired by natural beauty in the world.

My other website is:

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