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Commissioned Alcohol Ink Artwork For Home or Office Interiors

The Process

If you would like to get a customized alcohol ink painting for your living space or office, you are at the right place. Alcohol ink art is fresh and can brighten up your interiors with vibrant colors. Here are the steps involved in designing a personalized alcohol ink artwork:

Initial Discussion

During this initial conversation with the client, I understand the requirements of the project. The space available, the ambiance of the rest of the interiors, etc. The client/or the interior designer also shares the style of paintings they like and pictures of the wall space for which the painting is needed. I recommend what is possible based on my experience with the inks – the sizes and designs that can be made. I quote my pricing estimate and approximate time needed.

Color swatches and sketching of the design

Based on the discussion about the requirements, I pick the colors that match or suggest some options for the color palette. I share photographs of the colors with the client and fix the finalized colors. I draw a rough sketch of the plan of the painting (if possible), and share with the client. (Please note that alcohol ink art is a kind of fluid art. It can be controlled and shaped to come extent, but due to the fluid nature the results will vary each time.)

Screen Shot 07-27-21 at 07.16 PM.JPG

50% advance payment and a small sample

Upon receiving the advance payment, I create a small sample of the painting (up to A5/A4 size) using the same colors and pattern (decided with the client). This sample helps in understanding how the colors mix and what gradients can be achieved. I order the supplies needed for the painting.

For interior designers who want multiple samples: I can create A4-sized samples in different color combinations and styles (at additional charges), before the main project.

Starting the work and sharing the progress

I start the work and share some pictures during the process. Sharing the pictures might not be possible in some cases, but I try my best to click photographs at each stage right from swatching, painting, packing, etc. During the process, the client’s feedback is taken and, if possible, small changes can be accommodated.

Work completion and varnishing

Once the painting is completed, I will share complete pictures and close-up shots. The painting is left to dry for a few days and then it is varnished over a period of 2-3 days. It can be packed only after I make sure that it is completely dry.

50% remaining payment by the client, packing and shipping

After the painting is completed and the remaining payment is received, I go ahead and start the packing.

Bigger size paintings are rolled and shipped in a cylindrical tube. Small-sized paintings would be shipped flat. I would inform you how your painting would be shipped during the initial discussion itself.


I have collaborated with a renowned framing shop, if you wish for your paintings to be framed, kindly discuss the framing and shipping charges with me.


Shipping/tracking details would be shared with the client.

Cardboard Boxes
WhatsApp Image 2021-07-11 at 5.32.57 PM.jpeg

The client shares the pictures once the paintings are installed

Feel free to call me in case you need any help in selecting the kind of frame that matches the painting.

It’s a humble request to all the clients to please share the pictures once the paintings are put up.

I also request the clients to leave reviews.

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